African Karate Newsletter 09/2004

ISSUE #7 - September 8, 2004

1. African Karate Championships - Report

2. Election for African members on WKF DC

3. Launch of African Karate Development Foundation (AKDF)

4. 2005 10th African Karate Championships

5. Karate to the Olympics

6. 2006 African Open

UFAK Congress Endorses African Member to WKF

Soulaymane Gaye
Africa's candidate Mr. Soulaymane Gaye the President of the Senegal Karate Federation, President of Zone 2 Karate Federation, Vice President of UFAK and Chairman of the Sports Commission and most importantly a practicing karate-ka, has been selected as the African candidate for the WKF DC at the Monterrey, Mexico elections.

Launch of African Karate Development Foundation (AKDF)

One million dollar challenge
During the African Championships in Durban, UFAK launched the African Karate Development Foundation which has its members as Ibrahim Bangura, Lalita Singh, Sandra Ferreira and Ally Ndiaye. This foundation is to create a better life for all Africans through karate. A noble and important objective that we as Africans and the world over need to push.
The target is to raise $1 million dollars by end 2005. Already there are pledges of $2000. which was raised during the African Championships. We encourage other to join this noble cause.Over the next year we will have the following done:-

2005 10th African Karate Championships and Elective Congress

Luanda, Angola- 21 to 27 August 2005
The date is set for the 10th Edition of the African Karate Championships and Elective Congress, which will be held in the lovely coastal city of Luanda in Angola. The Angola Karate Federation has confirmed at the General Congress in Durban that they are ready to host the championships and have received full support from the Angola Sports Authorities. Within the next month the following will be ready:-

Karate to the Olympics

Karate Leadership meet with IOC Members
T he President of WKF, Antonio Espinos and his General Secretary together with other WKF members were fortunate to meet with some IOC members in Athens Greece.
Word from these encounters is that karate has a good chance. The outcome of the decision of the IOC will be in December 2005 in Singapore, where the Executive Board together with the IOC will meet and deliberate about issues of program change and other important decisions relating to the future Olympic program.
We urge all countries to contact their respective NOC's to lobby for karate's inclusion into the Olympics. Although hard it can be achieved, with a united effort of all WKF members. After our last Newsletter we have received a number of e-mails in favor and not in favor of karate to the Olympics. The arguments on both sides make sense but for us in Africa we see that the inclusion of karate into the Olympics will allow our athletes to have a better chance of changing their lives, if karate is an Olympic sport.
Provided the the selection of participants are fair and equal. The current program suggested by the WKF does allow selection by continent, and only confirms that kumite will be part of the Olympic program.

2006 UFAK African Open

The 1st UFAK African Karate Open will be held from the 20 to 23 September 2005.
The 1st edition of the UFAK Karate Open will be held in Durban South Africa at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal from the 20 to 23 September 2005. The Open will also have a Karate Symposium and convention to discuss the technical improvement of karate worldwide. The following will be available in a months time:-

Individual Kumite - Junior Females

  Category     Position     Name     Country  
Under 53 kg   Gold Mariane Ndaye Senegal
  Silver Nshingi Mosalagaye   Botswana
  Bronze Randa Mohamed Egypt
Under 60 kg Gold Fatma Samir Egypt
  Silver Rana Mamdouh Egypt
Over 60 kg Gold Heba Mohamed Egypt
  Silver Marwa Ahmed Egypt
  Bronze Meghan Volkwyn Zimbabwe  
    Fanta Sagma Senegal

African Karate Championships

The Pride of African gathers
The best of Africa gathered during the period 1 to 5 September 2004 in Durban South Africa to participate in the 4 African Juniors and the 1st African Senior open at the superb facilities of the University of Kwa Zulu.


Individual Kumite Senior Males

  Category     Position     Name     Country  
Under 60 kg   Gold Thabiso Marelwaneng Botswana
  Silver Mohamed Safwat Egypt
  Bronze Felix Zulu Zambia
Under 65 kg   Gold Ayman Abd El Mawgoud Egypt
  Silver Ibrahima Seck Senegal
  Bronze Casper Makoena South Africa
Under 70 kg   Gold Mohamed Walid Egypt
  Silver Christopher Ponatshego Botswana
  Bronze Sozinho Lopes Angola
    Mohamed Safwat Egypt
Under 75 kg   Gold Mohamed Abd El Rahman   Egypt
  Silver Badara David Mbaye Senegal
  Bronze Sayed El Fathy Egypt
    Jaco Vorster South Africa  
Under 80 kg   Gold Moses Jones Botswana
  Silver Sameh Abd El Salam Egypt
  Bronze Pontsho Ntime Botswana
  Bronze Gersom Victor Angola
Over 80 kg   Gold Andrew Dobolo Botswana
  Silver Mohamed Fathy Egypt
  Bronze Adrian Mann South Africa
    Amed C H Traore Mali
Open   Gold Ablaye Diop Senegal
  Silver Douglas Chivandire Zambia
  Bronze Adilson Patricio Neto Angola
    Efezino Akpotu Nigeria

Individual Kumite - Senior Females

  Category     Position     Name     Country  
Under 53 kg   Gold Randa Mohamed Egypt
  Silver Marianne Ndaye Senegal
  Bronze Anna Thiaw Senegal
    Mphoyaone Mongologa   Botswana
Under 60 kg   Gold Naglaa Fathy Egypt
  Silver Magette Seck Senegal
  Bronze Goitseone Mongologa Botswana
    Lesedi Seisa Botswana
Over 60 kg   Gold Keye Fat Faye Senegal
  Silver Heba Mohamed Egypt
  Bronze Fanta Sagma Senegal
    Marwa Ahmed Egypt
Open   Gold Magette Seck Senegal
  Silver Randa Mohamed Egypt
  Bronze Anita Vorster South Africa  
    Keye Fat Faye Senegal

Team Kumite

Gold Egypt
Silver Senegal  
Bronze   Angola
Gold Senegal  
Silver Egypt
Bronze   Botswana

Team Kata

Gold Senegal  
Silver Egypt
Bronze   Botswana
Gold Egypt
Silver Senegal  
Bronze   Botswana

Individual Kata

  Category     Position     Name     Country  
Males Gold Michael Yosry Egypt
  Silver Oumar Fall Senegal
  Bronze Thabiso Maratlwaneng Botswana
    Obakeng Motsamai   Botswana
Females   Gold Fatma Shamir Egypt
  Silver Rana Mamdouh Egypt
  Bronze Mphoyaone Mongologa   Botswana
    Fatoumata Ba Senegal

Individual Kumite - Junior Males

  Category     Position     Name     Country  
Under 60 kg Gold Adilson Santos Angola
  Silver Tebogo Molapong Botswana
  Bronze Moreblessings Tombozo   Zimbabwe
    Tatenda Takavaras Zimbabwe
Under 65 kg Gold Ibrahima Seck Senegal
  Silver Vicky Majama Botswana
  Bronze Justin Mashiri   Zimbabwe
Under 70 kg Gold Walid Mohamed Egypt
  Silver Mohamed Safwat Egypt
  Bronze Kgabiso Tau   Botswana
    Serigne Faye Senegal
Under 75 kg Gold Mohamed Abd El Rahman   Egypt
  Silver Ilidio Silva Angola
  Bronze Jaco Vorster South Africa  
    Sherif Emad El Din Egypt
Over 80 kg Gold Jean Batiste Mbaye   Senegal
  Silver Ryan Ferreira South Africa

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