Dictionary Japanese - English

Term Meaning
Jigo-tai Defensive posture
Jime Choke / strangle
Jiyu Freedom; Freestyle
Jiyu kumite Free sparring
Jishu Self-mastery
Jo Short staff
Jodan Upper, shoulders or above
Jodan juji uke High X-block
Jo jutsu (Jo jitsu) Short staff techniques
Joseki Upper seat
Ju (1) Gentle;
(2) Ten. See also numerals
Judo (1) A martial arts style featuring throwing
(2) Literally, "gentle way", referring to giving way in order to gain victory
Jujutsu Gentle art
Judoka Practitioner of Judo
Ju-ichi Eleven. See also numerals
Juji X; Cross. Juji gatame, juji uke
Juji gatame Cross-body arm bar through legs and across hips
Juji Nage Arm twisting throw
Juji uke X-block
Jute Gentle Hand or Person

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