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Term Meaning
Ma-Ai Distance; Distancing
Mae Front
Mae Geri Front kick
Mae Geri Keage Front Snap kick
Mae Geri Kekomi Front Thrust kick
Mae Tobi Geri Jump Front kick
Maki Wrapping
Maki Gaeshi Wrapping reversal
Makiwara Punching board
Matae Stop
Mawashi Circular; Roundhouse
Mawashi Geri Roundhouse kick
Mawashi Zuki Roundhouse punch
Meijin Wise Man
Menkyo License
Migi Right (side)
Mikazuki Crescent
Mikazuki Geri Crescent kick
Mikazuki Geri Uke Crescent kick block
Mondo Questions and answers
Moro (1) Double or Two. Morote Zuki
(2) Augmented
Moro Te Two arm or two hand
Moro Te Seoi Nage Two hand shoulder throw
Moro Te Tori Two hands holding one
Moro Te Zuki Double forward fist strike
Moro Te uke Double hand block
Moro Ubi Tori Augmented finger pull
Mudansha Colored belt holder; Non black belt holder
Mugen No Limit; Infinite
Mukei No Form
Mune Chest
Munen No Thought
Mune Gata Me Chest hold
Mune Zuki Lunge punch
Mushin Mind Of No Mind; No Conscious Thought

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