Dictionary Japanese - English

Term Meaning
Uchi Inside
Uchideshi Special Disciple
Uchikomi (1) Fitting-In
(2) Repeated practice of throwing techniques
Uchi mata Inner Thigh Throw
Uchi waza Striking Techniques
Ude Arm
Ude gatame Forearm arm bar
Ude tori Forearm pull
Ude uki Forearm Block
Uke (1) Block. Age uke
(2) Attacker, to whom techniques are done
Ukemi Falling and rolling exercises
Uki Floating
Uki goshi Floating Hip Throw
Uki otoshi Floating Drop
Uki waza Floating Throw
Ulna (English) Bone on little finger side of wrist
Ulna Press Straight arm bar with wrist on opponent's elbow
Undo ryoho Exercise Cure
Ura (1) Rear
(2) Back or flipside
Ura ken uchi Back Fist Strike
Ura nage Back Throw
Ura Zuki Flip side punch
Ushiro Back; Rear
Ushiro dori Rear bear hug over arms
Ushiro geri Back Kick
Ushiro goshi Back Hip Throw
Ushiro hiji dori Both elbows grabbed from behind
Ushiro kata dori Both shoulders grabbed from behind
Ushiro kata te dori kubi shime One wrist grabbed & choke from behind
Ushiro te buki dori Both wrists grabbed from behind

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